• Social Structure in Sociology

    Social Structure in Sociology

    Sociology often talks about the idea of “social structure,” but it is rarely talked about in depth. There are two main ways to look at things. The first sees social structure as patterns that can be seen in how people act. This way of thinking is shown by the term “functionalism.” The second finds structure […]

  • Structuralism in Sociology

    Structuralism in Sociology

    People often use the word “structuralism” to describe a certain type of sociological work, even though it is not at all unique. At its most basic, it just means a sociological point of view based on the idea of social structure and the belief that society is more important than the individual. But the term […]

  • Function and Functionalism in Sociology

    Function and Functionalism in Sociology

    Sociology usually links the ideas of functionalism to the work of Talcott Parsons. Functional explanations have been used to study societies.

  • Who is Émile Durkheim?

    Who is Émile Durkheim?

    Émile Durkheim is the most well-known French sociologist. He has been known for a long time as the founder of functionalism.